Superstition generator

17th century painting of Stockholm, depicting an ominous ‘sun dog’ event in 1535.

This simple generator is a slightly tweaked version of the ‘Superstition Generator’ from Johnn Four’s Role Playing Tips newsletter #356. As this is a direct conversion, there are no options to select from. Just click the button to get the latest rumor from the superstition front.

It is not possible to specify subtables for generators embedded in the blog, but the source data for this generator is available in the GitHub repository. You can copy and paste the .json file contents into the Generator Service text box and start experimenting with the generator. Subtables can be specified in the resultPattern string.

If you are already using Campaign Logger, open one of your campaign logs, click the cogwheel-shaped Options button, select Manage Custom Generators, then Add new generator… and paste the generator data in the text box. After you save the generator, click the Show Generators button in your campaign log to access the new generator.

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ELF Vesala

My mission is to create a library of universally useful random generators for role-players and Game Masters.

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