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Jewelry is a classic subject for random generators, so this was one of my first slightly more complicated generators.

Level of Detail

This generator is quite a basic affair, and maybe the most interesting aspect is how you can control the level of generated detail based on which subtable you call.

If you call the generator without specifying a subtable, the output will be randomly either a summary or a more detailed description. But if you call {lib:jewelry#summary}, the output will be something like this:

  • bracelet
  • hand chain
  • hair stick (for holding a hair bun)
  • hairpin
  • chatelaine (decorative waist chains)

Note that an explanation in parenthesis will still be included for pieces of jewellery that may not belong to everyone’s vocabulary. While this can be a useful feature, it also breaks the flow of the text. I plan to revisit that when setting variables hopefully becomes easier at some point. Then the explanation could be stored in a footnote variable, which could be displayed when requested.

When you call {lib:jewelry#detail}, the generator will produce longer output:

  • pin with 6 large, rectangle, peruzzi-cut azurites fastened with bezel setting (metal band wrapped around the gem)
  • hairpin with 8 tiny rubys fastened with flush setting (the gem rests in a hole, blending with the surface)
  • jewellery chain with eight small, fiery, princess-shaped peruzzi-cut opals fastened with prong setting (metal claws holding the gem)

Now the explanations unfortunately can make the output downright hard to take in, so this definitely should be fixed.

Other Options

Calling {lib:jewelry#common} generates jewellery worn on the more usual locations of head, neck, chest, arm and hand. A {lib:jewelry#rare} produces more obscure varieties of jewelry that are worn on hair, waist, legs and feet.

The {lib:jewelry#modern} subtable offers a slight chance of getting also fake or pirated jewelry, as well as luxury brands and even haute couture items. Similarly {lib:jewelry#fantasy} can generate also cursed items or jewelry created by non-human races, or even something stranger:

  • sentient link bracelet (linked ornaments)
  • dwarf-made brooch (jewelry attached to garment)
  • cursed bangles with a quartet of large azurites fastened with invisible setting (fastened without visible prongs or bars)

It is not possible to specify subtables for generators embedded in the blog, but the source data for this generator is available in the GitHub repository. You can copy and paste the .json file contents into the Generator Service text box and start experimenting with the generator. Subtables can be specified in the resultPattern string.

If you are already using Campaign Logger, open one of your campaign logs, click the cogwheel-shaped Options button, select Manage Custom Generators, then Add new generator… and paste the generator data in the text box. After you save the generator, click the Show Generators button in your campaign log to access the new generator.

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