One-Line Location Description

Medieval Town by Water
Karl Eduard Biermann: “Cathedral Towering over a Town” (c. 1830)

This generator is quite a simple affair. It produces one-line descriptions of locations in various terrains – with variations and complications.

The result string can have four different forms:

  • just the location name
  • a descriptive adjective + the location name
  • location name with a complication
  • a descriptive adjective + the location name + a complication

Even this limited amount of variation can create an impression of a wide range of results – which is nice, as the generator is still a work in progress and could feature a much wider selection of different types of locations.

I plan to return to expand this table from time to time, as this is a fun table to work with in small increments.

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ELF Vesala

My mission is to create a library of universally useful random generators for role-players and Game Masters.

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